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Do you make all of the jewelry you sell?

Yes, I do.  I work out of my home studio and have been known to take over other areas of the house, including the kitchen and garage.

Do all your designs have different names, and where do you come up with them?

They do all have different names, I just can't bring myself to put stock numbers on them because it feels so impersonal.  When a piece is completed I sit at my desk with a big book of names and look through it until I find a name that feels right for the piece.     

How can I clean my jewelry?
Body oils and moisturizers can build up on jewelry and I recommend either wiping your jewelry with a cloth dampened with water or gently washing it with mild soap and water.  I sometimes use an old toothbrush to get in the tight spaces.  I don't recommend dipping it in liquid tarnish removers.

How do I remove unwanted tarnish?
Many of my designs have been oxidized or treated to obtain a unique patina and they should never be dipped into liquid tarnish removers.  To remove tarnish I recommend using a polishing cloth made for cleaning jewelry.  I like the Sunshine brand yellow polishing cloth and the little white squares called Pro-Polish pads.  

Is there a way to prevent tarnish?

Sulfur compounds in our atmosphere cause tarnish, and storing your jewelry with anti-tarnish products will help to keep your silver free from tarnish.  I have had some pieces of jewelry remain virtually tarnish free for years by storing them with anti-tarnish tabs/strips inside of an airtight container.  I use the ones made by the Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care Company.  If you were wondering why I included a small, black, square of plastic-like material with your order, that's an anti-tarnish tab!  

What should I know about cotton, leather, and silk components?
In some of my designs I use cotton, leather, and silk.  These materials can change color as they absorb body oils and lotions.  Leather can also become stiff if you wear it in the shower or while swimming.


Hey Anne, why is your company called Lucky Dog Jewelry?

The answer to that question can be found on the about page :-)